• Question 01

    What do you see when you look into the mirror?

  • a) A human glowing from the inside out - all day, everyday.

  • b) Hey handsome/pretty!

  • c) Zombie alert - pale skin and lips.

  • d) I don't look into mirrors.

  • Question 02

    You woke up to a brand new day, the wind is blowing gently and birds are chirping outside the window. How do you feel?

  • a) Did I even sleep? I still feel insanely tired.

  • b) Yet another day to shine!

  • c) This must be a dream. I am going back to sleep.

  • d) A little dizzy; happens quite frequently.

  • Question 03

    What happens during monthly menstrual period?

  • a) It is a flood.

  • b) Nothing much, life feels pretty as per normal.

  • c) One of the reasons why I'm thankful for not being female.

  • d) Head hurts. Life is dark, gloomy and very tiring.

  • Question 04

    Your colleague invites you to a HIIT trial session at a nearby gym, after work next Tuesday. How would you respond?

  • a) Oh, another one? Let's do it!

  • b) No, thank you. I will probably be unfit for work the next day.

  • c) Nope. Been experiencing bouts of breathlessness plus cold hands & feet.

  • d) Don't think so... I already am working out every other day.

  • Question 05

    You are at a party and observe that the dinner spread is devoid of meat, dairy and seafood. Your soul screams:

  • a) No biggy. I have been trying to cut down on these foods too.

  • b) I am going home to cook myself a steak after this.

  • c) Love it. Thankfully, the host is vegan like me!

  • d) This ain't a party. Where are the meat and seafood?!

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